"The Magic Tutor & Other Tales"


60 Minutes
Brochure 2000-27

   Sorceress Lana Blake pops in (literally) to give Ohlivia Dhavine instruction in conjuring, but her mischievous student is more interested in seeing how many ways she can magically tie and gag the tutor. But then Lana finally decides to really teach her pupil a lesson! In "Tell Me About It," newcomer Lola Powell kidnaps Cassandra Knight. When she makes the ransom call, Cassandra's boyfriend seems unusually interested in hearing the details of what the gorgeous blonde is wearing and how she's tied and gagged. At a wild party, it's a "Battle of The Biker Babes" between two leather-clad cuties. Andrea Neal is wrestled down, tied up and stripped by Goldie Blair -- much to the crowd's delight! Plus another surprise story (or two) rounds out this titillating collection of tales.

Directed by Jon Woods.


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