"The Danni Ashe Collection Part One (COL27)
80 Minutes !

Paired Along with COL-28 The Danni Ashe Collection Part Two

    In case you missed the final sales, all of our original tapes featuring busty Megastar Danni Ashe have been discontinued and are no longer available. However, we've compiled all of her scenes onto two very special bargain-priced videos. Here's your chance to collect the complete works of one of Harmony's all-time favorite models!
Volume One includes Danni's work from the BUX and TH series, plus vignettes from EE2, 
and features her team-ups with Elise di Medici and Kimberly K.
Volume Two has Danni's scenes from Kristine Imboch (Lorelei)'s KI series (including Superstar Ashley Rene),
 with Ariele Cole from EE6 and EE7, plus her appearances in the TBE series.
It's an amazing value that's not to be missed!


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